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Smile it's Friday

Good morning all and happy Friday the thirteenth, we hope everyone has a great day!

I, on the other hand, have a headache and I feel like I have two options to get ri...relieve myself of this shiny, only used once headache. I can sell it or I can raffle it off but, either way, I’d like it gone sooner rather than later.

This headache can let you know that your head is still there, very important for you parents out there you have “lost your mind”. This is a medium sized headache so it should be effective for all brain sizes, similar to a turbo on your vehicle’s engine, this headache should have greater effect on a small brain that spins really fast.

Act fast because I only have 1 left, taking offers...taking first offer. See? This is why I can’t auction it off.

#somethingtolaughat #smileitsfriday #wannabuymyheadache

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